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About Daily Calendar

ShopaholicFromHome brought to you Shopaholic’s Daily Calendar.

For the past half a year, every single day I tried to inspire you with online shopping and help you sharpen shopping skills.I wanted to show you how to be stylish while using the right place to shop and online tools.

My Shopaholic’s Daily Calendar provided daily tips and ideas on how to shop cleverly, never miss a great offer, find the best deals and buy when you have a limited budget. It has been packed with shopping facts and news and tips for savvy shopping and includes the reviews of the latest in shopping technology – my favorite and tested shopping websites and tools. Sometimes I have also shared with you something extra.

So I hope you enjoyed my shopping inspirations, my crazy but interesting ideas, likes & shopping desiresbut not only.

On Thursdays: My Fav Shop to Visit

On Wednesdays: Really Hot Deal   On Mondays- Savvy Tip


On Fridays - Freebie to Grab



On Saturdays - Competition to enter

Since January 1st, each Friday I was showing you good and the latest freebies. Each Saturday you have been presented with the competition to enter and a chance to be a winner. And lastly on Sundays I was telling you how you can treat yourself after exhausting week & just because you are worth it. I hope you found here what you are looking for.

This half a year was a great experience for me. I loved to find new things and share with you. But I also realized that keeping to post each day is very time consuming and difficult to manage. That can also be too much for you to receive. That is why I decided to change the way I want to talk with you…

 Keep your eyes open on a new ShopaholicFromHome idea.

I hope you find here what you are looking for. If you have any feedback, comment to make just get in touch with me here.

In the meantime, remember to stay connected each day for new shopping inspirations or just browse through the categories that interest you the most.

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So, welcome again to to My Calendar & My Never Ending Ideas to Post & ShopaholicFromHome Daily Shopping Inspirations!