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About Me

Here it is All About Me – ShopaholicFromHome

I am Aga! I am Shopaholic and I am addicted to:
  • buying ShoesHappyShopaholicFromHome
  • sHaring things with others
  • cOllors and matching them together; my favorite one is red (but I also believe in the power of green)
  • People – friends and family are very important to me
  • opPortunities to save money with offers, deals and being creativity
  • Ideas and I have too many of those
  • INternet and my laptop – you can always find my browsing, being online…
  • handbaGs- you cannot have too many of those!

So, yes I am addicted to Shopping!

I love to shop but comfortably from home! I have a huge passion for online space and I have another addiction – this time with my laptop! I love online shopping and online opportunities to find the best deals, products, offers. Wherever possible I have been always looking for & comparing & buying or sharing the best deals and shopping ideas with others.

Lastly but most importantly I am also a real savvy bargain hunter! When doing shopping I can be creative with any budget and find the best deals available to match the spending limits. Sometimes it is not only about spending money but also having fun while shopping, participating in competitions, taking advantage of free stuff around or simply relaxing!

So, here I am Shopaholic From Home and my projects- ShopaholicFromHome where I want to inspire you every day with online shopping and make it enjoyable, affordable and interesting experience for you.

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